♥ Family

So Excited !

I am hoping that by next summer this will be Jelly and I standing in front of our pantries together. I have always loved to can. It’s yet again one of those things Ethel and Happy both made sure I knew all about as a young child but did not reinforce in my adult years. I am deciding that Pixie will be forced, I know good parent that I am right?

Heres thing, I love that kids today are so smart. They know EVERYTHING, and boy do I mean it. Heavens forbid you tell them something they think they know more about or believe you to be wrong about. Whew. Have you ever noticed though, if you take away their cell phones, laptops and gadgetry they kind of freak out?

Perhaps some of you reading this are saying.. “Pshawww LuLu, my kids are perfect we have organized family time including outside play. Heck John Smith, my perfect husband even takes them in the back yard to toss the pigskin around a little while I make dinner in my pearls and heels”. . . I envy you I really do. Our house doesn’t and will not ever work that way. We have been gypsies and nomads (not the derogatory term) for longer than I can remember. I think that is my fault, mostly. I traveled so much in my youth I have a love for it still. Pixie really likes it too, so perhaps we can fess it up to genetics. Sure!

This is what I hope however, by me making her take up some old crafts, she will learn the value of time put into something. The care it takes to craft something hand sewn. The skill and patience to pick then process and then can veggies and fruits for your pantry. I hope she will look back on pictures and reflect on how deeply fabulous it was to spend a Sunday with her mother in the orchard. I can’t imagine TOO many kids now have THAT experience.

I registered for another course at UGA. Food Canning and Preservation. Yes really. The national center is here and set the standards for food safety regulations of canned and preserved food items. They offer a full length course that not only teaches you best practices but also offers exceptional guidance on safety, recipes and ideas to start creating your own amazing stored wonders.

I am making everyone do it with me!


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