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Fawk You Friday..

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Hmm Ok – What sucked this week:

  • The $411 Electric Bill from Summer.
  • My mother still not feeling well post two doctors visits and tons of meds.
  • Aunt June getting put in a home out in Utah – due to stress and anxiety.
  • Aunt Phyllis feeling like its all her fault cause she can’t really take her in and didnt feel like it as her place to step in and tell the cousins they were wrong.
  • Not being able to do some hikes with Dilly cause my ankle was eef’d up.
  • Not being able to get a pedicure (see above) and looking at my foot the other night seeing those icky cracked jacked heels staring straight back at me.
  • Not being able to talk to my BFF this week cause the Dyson ate my phone charger.

That is really it. As little and silly. I have no complaints other than these, and they are more of a “man that sucks”. Tomorrow is apple picking, it makes the bad go away 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fawk You Friday..

  1. I’ve had the same issue with electrical components. Did we get the same evil Dyson? Did they come out of the same assembly line? Maybe.

    Thanks for joining us today!

  2. Gremlins in the hole ! Clear ! I believe they are one part supernatural and the other part demon. I love them, but man can they chew the crazy out of a phone cord. 🙂

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