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What do I do when you are not watching?

I practice my photography skills – which seem to  be improving on some days

And not so much on other days….

I geek on 8tracks my newest guilty pleasure. I love music and have found it difficult in recent years to find whats new and hot just because I have NO TIME. In my 20’s I geeked on Indie Label Zines and Muse News Sources. Satellite radio was also awesome for this because some new DJ always had a debut night with indie favs. 8tracks is a site where people who have time to read and tune geek build playlists you can enjoy. It’s not a stream – each can only contain 23 tracks and any artist can not be added more than twice. It is delightful. I love searching obscure words to see what people have created – example SciFi. Oh David Bowie.. num.

I have recently crocheted to the point of insanity. This little pram cover (pram is brit for stroller) while not huge has taken SO much time. Secretly Pixie wants it. It’s admittedly soft beautiful wonderful and cozy. It is not that it takes forever because I am a tard, the ripple repeat and changing out colors every two rows makes for slow and steady. I also do not rush through projects going into the store. I love them gently and with intent as I always say.

I do makeup tutorials on YouTube….

Hahhah not really.

I think about doing very bad things to him. Mike Wolfe American Pickers. Not in my celebrity Top 5 FMK. No No. He is in my World’s Most Interesting Men FMK.


  • He would absolutely throw on some chuckies and dumpster dive with me.
  • We would so never get any where because we would be ducking into every barn on the highway. I feel (because I KNOW him so well) he would encourage this.
  • I would look fabulous on the back of his bike
  • He would totally get my enthusiasm for preservation and brutal frustration over the loss of Americana
  • He would have helped me save Trigger.
  • Uh hello he’s fucking hot
  • He would absolutely not mind me wearing heels or red lipstick in bed.
  • More than likely we would get nekked at least two times a day (when he was not on the road with his Frank).
  • He travels for work. I am someone who has grown accustom to “me” space.
  • When home (again because I know him so well….) we would not leave the house for 2 days.


  • Uh hello hes hot… fella has to be getting more pink than a muppet.

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