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#FillInFriday – Time Warp – what year would you live in?

LuLu – La Boheme Mon Cher – Paris 1964.

Here is the premise – take a year you have always loved or wanted to live in.. and fill in your answers. They can  be as elaborate or subtle and simple as “I wanted to watch the moon landing live”. Then post your link back on BlogFrog.

Women could cuss, drive race cars, smoke, make love and run successful businesses with out ridicule. The sexual revolution was on its orgasmic pre-cusp and Brigitte Bardot was 30. The Beatles, and Muddy Waters played the Olympia. Fashion Greats Yves Saint Laurent and Dior were pulling couture out of the mud with new modern lines that despite the freedom women were feeling, continued to be soft feminine and very Tre’Sexy’.

1964 was the advent of discotheque in Paris and while French Pop was still on the scene music began getting smoother rhythms. The Latte hit a hot new breakfast fashion and knitting became chic’. Bicycles were everywhere and a market visit included your capris and ballet flats. Women prefered short bobs for day and wore extravagant hair pieces (yes extensions were hot in 64) in the evening to mimic the elaborate up-sweep of Eliza Doolittle – (aka Audrey Hepburn). Yes My Fair Lady came out in 1964. It’s in the LuLu Home Collection of favorites and comes out of the case at least once a month. We even have Eliza Doolittle Barbie. I am not even kidding.

1964 was a great year of becoming. People, women especially were beginning to have voice in politics and world views. They were getting involved again with war-time efforts but this time actively speaking about their opinions. July 2nd 1964 saw the passing and enacting of The Civil Rights Act. Bet you forgot about that one ! 🙂 Granted this was happening in America but still revolutionized the freedoms women were reaching out for all over the world.

The Atomic Era – oh Hello LuLu my love – was in full effect. Classic in America through the 50’s the flying chairs and shell lamps were gaining popularity and expanding in design in France. Charles and Ray Eames, were gaining steady popularity in the socialites of Paris at this time as loft apartments took on a new Space Odyssey edge.

This would be the year I choose.



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