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Blondes have more fun

My Style Icons – Brigitte and Marilyn.

In the past when I was blond I most often was told I resemble Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore or a young Norm Jean (Marilyn). Granted I am not as thin or fabulous and I mostly think the men who told me this were after my britches not my appreciation. I will take it though. I will take it all! Well not the britches part.

Over the summer I went a mild honey blonde which is a departure from my natural very light strawberry blonde. Yes on birth I was a tohead and then went quickly to a very pale red. Think early Nicole Kidman. It is that odd color of … is it blond is it red wtf is it? Because of my pale skin this color never and I mean NEVER looked good on me. I couldn’t wear any reds, yellow or bright oranges without looking sickly. This is why I always went to a very deep auburn.

My stylist has since recommended a strawberry base almost with a platinum highlight. The very first picture in the series best resembles her idea. I am scared. I have never gone so drastic, well ok not in 19 years. I am going to take the next two weeks to decide.

What do you think ?


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