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What is an Artfire Collection?

One of the things I have struggled with hosting my items on other artisan sites , is the fact I can not input their technology into my  blog. If I hosted my url, paid for a website, and did dev build out sure.. I could. Right now that’s not in the wallet game plan. So I look for ways to include the talent of others, showcase the items I love to make and still do it in a pretty fashion that draws the eye in and makes you want to want want!
I have not  had time to dig completely into ArtFire. Its a process. It is however worth it. This is not an apple and oranges argument between the two but I am seeing huge differences.
Etsy has a name for itself and has been around longer. There is absolutely a following if you will of people who love it and love the way it is easily navigated. Google loves this too. Being one of their key components in Quality Score. (I can say that now because I am Certified).I do find value in this. Its communities are better built out and there is some technology that is sound. Other is not so sound. I got caught in that glitch last week where my store was showing my real information online for a few hours. Yikes. Not horrible. Really its just a name, but that did cause me to pause. If Etsy were PCI compliant why would ANY of my real information show? According to PCI recommendations there should be fail stops in place to prevent this.
Again something I can comment on because I was part of PCI protocol for my previous company and had to learn all about the no-no’s with my fellow techies.
Artfire is not as flashy, admittedly its still very old school eBay storefront in appearance. That is changing and I can see the change already in some of their new features. The abilities in the stores however far exceeds Etsy. The technology available to you and for you to cross promote yourself is very heavy. I am really loving that and hoping to start building out my skills, by using every tool they give to me. I hope Artfire can really start hitting hard in the artistic eCommerce space. They sure to try to build a platform for you to succeed.
My first collection I was featured in came out today. Take a peek!
I am noticing every product listing, collection and tag the place appears first in Google. I started searching obscure but certain products and descriptions and found ArtFire to be always at the top.
I am so freaking glad I signed up for the group deal!

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