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Pretty Spooky Printables (FREE) and #Pinkoween

(Photo Courtesy Pizzazzerie)

Here we are in my favorite month of all. October. Welcome back dear dear friend!
This is such a special month for my family. The weather changes, and while we love summer fun and lazy days, the sudden crisp air makes our energy levels alter. We walk more gather close cooking together and get out to celebrate life each and every day from now really through November. One would say that you should celebrate life in this way every day, and we really do, but the closeness changes for these next few weeks for some odd reason.

I collect patterns goodies treats and all sorts of decor each years as our celebrations starts Oct 1 and really comes down around Nov 5. Many are very Fall Harvest themed only picking up Hallows Eve closer to the week of the Holiday. This way when the ghouls go away many decorations can stay until after Thanksgiving. These stay until Dec 1 which then transition into lighting for the Claus!

Gwynn Wasson is the brilliant mind behind the Spooktacular Treats above. “How fun” you say, “but I could never be that creative or put something like that together…” Oh little witchy poo yes you CAN! Gwynn has created this party in your printer and you can get it for free. Simply follow her on her blog, she gives you instructions to Google Connect and you then email her including your follow name (it’s just a gmail account) at : Gwynn [at] GwynnWassonDesigns.com. Presto Chango your goodies await!

Support Team Pink-O-Ween!

Now while Orange is really my favorite color, there is always room for some Pink! PZ has the fully party on display. This goodie is not a freebie, it’s a purchase with the benefits going to the Komen foundation. We know how important this is to me especially after the Great Big Boob Scare that was part of the creation of this blog in the first place. You never think BC will impact you, that it will never be part of your life. Your mother hasn’t ever had it, nor anyone in your family. Not even one of your friends has even ever mentioned it.

We as women are scared to say the C word. We forget to let people know it exists. When I had my scare I talked to everyone around me. I blabbed like my ass was on fire. Along the way I met several coworkers who had discovered lumps, one who went through treatment and then went on to detail her trials publically through the news media.

Dont keep quiet, don’t forget to feel up your bewbs. Take care of yourself and  your children.


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