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Going Pink

I had to stop in BigLots yesterday and pick up some cleaning supplies that I did not have. This included a bucket, as the old one has mysteriously vanished. I was thrilled to see everything in store going pink.
Even better most of  the major kitchen helpers were not only pink (not a huge fav color of mine but up there) but pink with a purpose! Of every purchase money is going to the Komen Foundation. Not bad when a broom was listed at 3.99$. Now if you have a BL Card you get a % off and there was a coupon out last week. In total I saved a great deal and picked up some super cute Halloween goodies to start our Scare House decor.



One thought on “Going Pink

  1. I always forget to stop in Big Lots when I see one. I never go there needing something, I always go there looking to find crap I don’t necessarily need at the moment, but want because they have such great low prices.

    Would love to see pics of the scary decor when it’s up! 🙂 P.S. that is awesome that they were rockin the pink!

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