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Fiber Arts Friday – The gift of Giving

Patterns to consider:

Wabbit – an ear flap hat with poms! Available on Ravelry as a pattern or Etsy as a book.
Pumpkin Hat and Booties for Baby – Free pattern on LionBrand.


I tell myself every year, this will be the year I make all of my gifts for friends and loved ones. I will even craft some love for local or favorite charities. I wish I would actually listen and get something done. As you can tell by my tone the recipients of said gifts have gone with out year after year. This year however is the year. I started early. I did not prep plan or even set out an attack on my stash.

My girlfriend Kelly got pregnant !

Kelly is Pixie’s godmommy. She is a very special friend, one that I have known the majority of my adult life. I couldn’t do anything but make beautiful things to welcome baby Zoe into the world. I can not speak to what I made because they will be going out in the next week. Zoe’s due date was actually yesterday but we know how these things go. Babies love to stay a little while longer than intended in the safety of mommy’s womb. Zoe is not fashionably late, she is roasting in the love of her mommy just a tab bit longer.I call it seasoning.

I can sneak peek you on this, as Kelly is aware of ONE item in the package, for Zoe’s first photo shoot. Technically we are past Halloween, but I thought this beanie was more Fall and fantastic for her arrival in chilly weather. Again sorry for cell phone pics recently, my camera is not immediately available to snap fast pictures and the quality on my BlackBerry is not that of you iPhone super users 🙂

For the first time really every my knitting is flying along. I am picking up a little speed, and choosing patterns that are easy to repeat and move. More complex items I decided would be best for practice rounds when time permits. I was on a mission for 2010 with the ten shawl project. I got absolutely no where. I started five of the ten, and did learned some amazing techniques with lace. I did not however finish any of them. I will revisit once we are past the holidays. I am on a dedicated path this year!

People always say on Facebook and in my social circles they are lost with needle in hand and can’t imagine the time it takes to make something for someone else. I can certainly agree and disagree with this statement. It does take practice as I am really beginning to see, and it does take time. I am not sure I will ever be one of those knitters that can sit and move through a piece while watching tv. Heck I even saw a knitter walking once with  a sock and never looking at it. I have mentioned before and have pictures to prove from The Great Break Incident that I am a clutz right?

What I would urge you to do if you are ever interested in seriously trying to knit is visit your Local Yarn Shop. You will hear this referenced as LYS. Not Michaels, HobbyLobby, JoAnns. While all wonderful, visit a yarn store first. They offer beginner classes, knit nights and a social circles to embrace your new intentions. This will further you and make you a better knitter. Hats, scarves are so super easy and the results are gratifying. In a few hours you have a gift to give!




7 thoughts on “Fiber Arts Friday – The gift of Giving

  1. Thank you for sharing with Fiber Arts Friday.

    10 shawls in one year…yeah, I wouldn’t finish that either. I am a klutz and I can knit and watch television. Usually when I’m in the knit portion of a hat. Pick smaller projects where you can build confidence in both the knitting and in the finishing of a project. My friend, HollyB, taught me that. We actually named my first hat the Confidence Hat and the second one was Garlic Hummus because I thought I could eat hummus and knit a hat at the same time. Yeah, that one went to charity.

    Hope to see you more each Friday.


  2. Ha. How fun… I’m expecting a nephew any day now too. Because of that, the baby knits have captured my attention as well this year.

    Knitting and walking?? That’s quite a feat. I’ve seen drop-spindling and walking, but never knitting and walking. Frankly, I’m still challenged with knitting and talking. lol.

    Your hats are very sweet… and the LYS advice is very wise.

  3. That pumpkin hat is adorable! I love your suggestion in the last paragraph. It really does make a difference if you have a nurturing atmosphere when learning to knit. Your blue earflap hat is great too, I really like the pompoms. And no, your jealousy doesn’t make your butt look big, LOL Thanks for stopping by and checking out my machines. I have actually sold one that I’ve refurbished to a friend that wanted a reliable machine for a good price with some friendly maintenance thrown in…we both got a good deal on that one. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  4. As a beginner with knitting needles, I can’t fathom 10 shawls in one year. I hope that one day I’ll be able to set such a goal… even if it is delayed by real life. Wow!

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