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Saturday Six

  1. Do you still celebrate your birthday?

Everyday that I possibly can. Unfortunately no one else seems to realize its party day so I have to bake my own cakes.

  1. What’s your favorite kind of cake?

Kind? Really did you just ask me that ? Ok sounds weird here it is believe it or not… Carrot. I know right !?!?!? On my Sweet 16th my mom had one made from scratch with cream cheese frosting. Never got over it and aimed to recreate it. Hence the baker was born. Prior to that, my Mom made an orange zest cake with citrus infused frosting for a bridal shower when I was about six. I have looked for the recipe since. She of course did not save it.

  1. Craziest thing you’ve ever done for your birthday?

Pink Floyd concert Vegas. It’s not insane like skydiving, but it was a total shock and surprise to me. Something I will never forget.

  1. What’s your sign?

Hey baby whats yours! Ok ok sorry I am feeling sassy today. I am a Gemini.

  1. Best present you’ve ever gotten on your special day?

Pixie. Yes really. I got pregnant with Pixie the night of my birthday celebration. How do I know? Because the next day I came down with a flu bug that lasted about 3 weeks and eventually involved my respiratory system. I went to the doctor at the end of that three-week period because I was worried I was going into pneumonia. He stated my blood was showing odd things (foreshadowing), put me on meds for two more weeks. Went back for some more testing after that and shocking… my blood showed something else. During that whole time DNA and I had not shared marital relations. I know for a fact because puking and not breathing led to me being a bump on a log.

  1. Worst gift?

Anything given to me from 1998 – 2002 by Peter Pan. Poor kid had a knack for wrong. Used to keep a list of what was gifted the first years of our bad romance, including Christmas and Birthdays. After year three I asked him to please not. It made everyone around me embarrassed when I opened them. Friends Family all had looks of terror on their faces when each taped box (no wrapping paper) were cracked. Of course there were the polite nods of “OOh neat” to get past the bizarre element of nausea but then it just became necessary to ask no gifts. The 1.99 pron tapes from 1973 that had questionable legalities in them.. that were under my Grandfather’s Christmas tree was just too much.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Six

  1. I’d say Pink Floyd in Vegas pretty much kicks ass!!

    LOVE that you got knocked up on your bday….that really is the best gift ever!

    Thanks for playing along….and the carrot cake sounds good-if you ever find the recipe-hit me up!

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