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The Perfect Boyfriend – Make your own!

I looked for the Alex aka Erick from TrueBlood model, and have yet to find him. Sad Face. Before you go and get all Vamp crazy on me, no I don’t like Vamps, don’t wanna be one, didn’t read the Twilight series  (although I hear their rather good) at one time did appreciate Lestat but had no teenage fantasies about him and really just think this man is sexy for sexy sake. So my perfect boyfriend isn’t a Vamp – Just a talk sexy drink of sex appeal. Well and a bazillion other things. There is a criteria list, but we wont go there.

You can however knit your own little man of wonderful:

Now some after thought – whats more alarming? The fact the age range is 8+ ? He looks like a serial killer? No boyfriend I would date would EVER wear such hideous clothes or I would remove all shopping rights. . .


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