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Blog Giveaways I am in love with today!

When you join Blog Groups and Circles, one of the best thing about them is the chance to win giveaways! It is a great way for Bloggers to find new readers, and for you to find new resources. The chance to win something delicious is never a thing to be missed. I do not know how these lovely ladies actually organize all of these! I would love to do a giveaway for something crocheted. Perhaps closer to the holidays I will get some tips on how to do these.

Saucy Mama has mustard that just seems to totally amazing not to devour!

Boobies Babies and a Blog is doing a giveaway for one of these saucy treats. Instructions are clear on how you complete each step.

The gift set at the top of the post is a giveaway from the wonderful MassHoleMommy. It is the great Potato caper and you could win everything pictured!


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