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Saturday Six … Otherwise know as plastic pants…

So I had to squeeze the post title in somewhere today. Biloxi has another butt bubble (I am sure that’s the technical term). She had one back in June that required surgery, lancing, sutures, antibiotic injectable and sedatives. I noticed it this morning on taking her out. I was praying it wouldn’t pop like the other. Perhaps it needed to, but she bit it and low behold it did. So hot compresses, cone of shame and antibiotic creme has been implemented. I am just praying I can manage this without surgery again. I will post pictures for Shame Sunday – she has a plastic hat and baggie butt to keep her tongue off the wound.

1. What’s the last movie you watched in a movie theater?
Avatar – and no not last year. Pixie and I go to the movies every week, if not a dollar movie, the drive-in, or a new movie. We love movies and now there are so many deals out there with entertainment coupons (oh yes really) that we often pay less than $3 for a movie and treats.
2. Share some movies with us that are guaranteed to make you cry.
Where the red fern grows – Forrest Gump – The Sound of Music – The Little Mermaid – Beauty and the Beast – Fried Green Tomatoes – UP – with out a doubt ..
What Dreams May Come
3. What’s your personal favorite movie genre?

I love to laugh, so it really is a great comedy.
4. What’s the last flick you watched?
The Karate Kid – New Kid Smith version. Really cute was surprised that it turned out that well. Jackie Chan is of course always awesome.
5. Give us your top 5 favorite movies.
The Little Mermaid – Pixie Named after
Forrest Gump
What Dreams May Come ( I am so glad you listed this Boobs no one understands my love of this movie)
The Sound of Music – hope eternal
Hope Floats – there are lines in this movie about life that just always make me cry.
6. Now tell us some of your most hated…
Halloween – Freddie Kruger anything. I never fell into the fan club of Mike or Freddie. I know they really pushed  horror films to new levels. I just have bad memories, one bad incident and more to keep me away from knife like fingers and hockey masks.

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Six … Otherwise know as plastic pants…

  1. You listed some GREAT movies that I had all but forgotten about!!! Newest follower here from Saturday Six. 😀

    Where the Red Fern Grows and What Dreams May Come will make me cry EVERY time, too!!!

  2. I KNEW we were destined to be!

    I love that you go to the movies every week! That rocks…I’m afraid they’ll throw me and my little man out for being a public nuisance..lmao.

    But how can you hate Freddie? That’s just wrong?!


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