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Blog Hop Sunday a new Flickr Group and plastic britches!

As promised yesterday a picture of bad baby in her plastic panties. So Lox has officially an abscess anal gland. I have my theory on why she is getting these and will be talking to her Vet on Monday. Until then, cone of shame plastic britches and hypoallergenic baby wipes often. Keep it clean and mean baby!

Flickr Group – What Is? What is a group? What do you do? Why? Groups are new ways for bloggers to chat and engage each other and share a little creativity. You can post one of your pictures that coincides with the topic of the week, leave comments for others and hopefully get some feedback yourself. It’s a little more interactive than a blog hop and you do have the added advantage of sharing some great photos. Flickr is free to a point and it also can be accessed via a cell phone so check it out. It’s very new and will take a little while to build so please share !

Blog Hops !
I love talking to various bloggers. From Fashion Frugality Fun Friends Moms Collectors spectators .. I have yet to find a group I really didn’t just absolutely love. Bloggers have to be some of the funniest people on the planet. Perhaps putting it out there makes it funny, because we laugh and think .. “I have so been there gal!”. Anyway here are some great blogs to follow and meet new friends on today.

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