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Manic Monday – Music Monday. FML Monday !


Music first. The Bangles always make everything better.


It started over the weekend with Plastic Panties. Bad Baby thought her tukkus was so fantastic she couldnt stay away from it. It then turned into far worse and that led to a vet visit this morning. I have one of the best Vets on the planet, a good old country doctor who not only takes care of the little critters but he’s fully capable of vetting my horses or your cows. My vet also doesn’t charge crazy fees for a sick visit. Its 10$, that’s it and post ops are no charge. Now of course medical care costs, but this at least is a little chunk off the initial expense.

So bad baby got lanced, drained, poked and re-coned. Cone is much bigger so BB can not get to the butt.

Time for some stress relief ? Oh Yes. Several of my girlfriends are “Gunsmoke Annie’s”, one in particular has gone for a marksmen certification. She has stored hours at the range so there will be casings in my future. I love a girls night out that involves weapons of mass destruction, not referring to my bewbs.  I am still using the old reliable until the new 9mm gets here. People always ask which I like more. Hands down the Niner. It doesn’t feel clumsy in my hand and I have about a 26% (according to the range coach) deficit off my scope. Meaning when I aim for a head shot I typically snap left more and will hit 3 out of 5 under the left occipital (eye) zone. The 45+ I really hit straight hard and accurate, but the comfort level isn’t there like the other.



3 thoughts on “Manic Monday – Music Monday. FML Monday !

  1. Sounds like you are spot on. 🙂 I’m getting a new Glock 19 for Christmas, hopefully I will be within the vicinity of your accuracy. I think a chick with a pistol is hawt!

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