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Saturday Six – Get yourself on !

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It’s that time again! Saturday Six with The Zombie Housewife & Boobies! I love bloggy reindeer games!
The questions:

1.) What is something you do to pamper yourself?
I really love pedicures. When done right they are relaxing, refreshing and affect every muscle of your body. I love the parlors that massage your whole foot and leg. I find this loosens up my back and shoulders after being hunched over all week in a chair at my computer.
2.) What is your favorite day of the week?
It has to be Saturday morning. Even though I work from home the majority of the week as we don’t have an official office here in Atlanta, work days are different. I intentionally get up shower do my makeup hair and standard morning routines just as if I were going into an office. I find this keeps me on task and makes the separation from Elmo slippers to work brain. Saturdays are my day when the house is very quiet. Pixie sleeps in. The dogs don’t ask to go out so early (we go for a 4 mile walk every Friday Night). Things are softer more quiet. Today my house smells a little like firewood, cinnamon, and cranberries. I am beginning to boil them for my cranberry orange sauce next week. Want to come over for coffee? I made cinnamon rolls 🙂
3.) What shows are you currently obsessing over?
Grey’s Anatomy, Ghost Hunters, Bones, The Walking Dead (by far fucking amazing), Paranormal State, Normal Family, Today Show,
4.) What are you currently reading or what is the last book you finished?
Decision Points – GW Bush. He has such a satirical sense of humor. Cracks me up. Even if you didn’t care for him as the President, read the book. It might give you some additional food for thought (if the shoe were on the other foot kind of thing). I am constantly always reading craft books. The last ones I finished were some new lace techniques. I also was given an editorial copy of the Mark Twain Biography. Released just recently on the anniversary of his death 100 years later. That was his request for UCLA Berkley who actual put his letters, manuscript and notes together for him and this book.
5.) What’s on your Christmas wish list?
Knitting Needles from KnitPicks, A yarn Scale, a Turkish Spindle, One of  These ( a girl can always dream shush),  Pretty Undies, that’s really it. I think about things then move on to something inevitably knitting related.
6.) What was the highlight and the low point of your week?
The High was hitting a wall Tuesday afternoon and realizing I cant do it all, and that is really actually OK.

I take care of MANY people and hit a real low Tuesday morning. Due to hormones, work, responsibilities, life in general I needed to have a sit down cry. I also was really heavily thinking about my friend Erik and how much I miss him.

Quick Note – Erik was my best guy friend. Our friendship changed the last two years. We talked every day often had dinner together. He would pick up something and show up at the door. How this usually went was 5:45 phone call:

What are you doing? Nothing. Pix is home from school ? yes. Has she eaten? No . Are you cooking ? Yes/No. Ok I am on my way over I am bringing dinner/ Side / Movie / Drink (whatever to go with what I was doing etc) . Erik lived five minutes away so this was the norm at least 3-4 nights out of the week. We would usually watch a show or two and he would head home to let the dogs out. Often on my lunch break because I was right here, I would go over and let his pups out for him as one had a particularly bad habit of lifting his leg on the corner of the kitchen cabinet. We got this under control and no more messes were happening. Erik called me Cesar for this. Two days before my birthday this year Erik was hit by an SUV while driving to work on his motorcycle. He did live, but requires full care now do to traumatic brain injuries. This is all very sad of course and his family has worked hard through love support and prayers.

What made me down is that I looked forward every day to those phone calls. I could make Erik laugh just by laughing. He always had a joke waiting and was the biggest gossip on the planet for being a boy. My favorite thing to hear on the other end was “Ommmahhgooood you are NOT going to believe what I have to tell you!” Erik was infamous for drunk dialing. Even if he had been over that night, he would call 11pm vodka shooters in hand to tell me about some old school song he had found on his music server. There were many a night RunDMC, Beasties, and Prince made it to our Karoke phone calls. My neighbors thought me completely insane to be out on my porch rapping like a white girl. For my birthday Erik wanted to go to North Carolina. I believe he was going to try and talk me into a bike ride. I was really really against his bike, and even the Bumble Bee helmet could not even woo me on for a ride over the lake. I blamed it on my ankle. He would not tell me what we were doing and in fact ignored me most of the week before and kept laughing at me when I would get pissy because he was not calling. He kept saying… You will be so surprised. That surprise never came.

No one called me about Erik. His mom and brothers had no idea who I was or what my number was. No one at work knew how close we were because everything we did was completely unique and private to us. I found out about his accident through his Facebook page. I talked to his family for the first time the week after. They did know who I was, when the comment was made “Oh your his Cesar! !” There were several jokes about him not exposing his friends to their crazy. We had a good laugh. Erik is now at home with his mom. Next week I am going to take him some treats and I think make him a blanket for his chair.

I missed my friend this week, but my heart misses our friendship even more.


One thought on “Saturday Six – Get yourself on !

  1. Thanks for your visit to my blog.
    I hope your friend Erik continues to improve. It’s good he’s going to be taken care of by his mother. He’s going to be glad to see you, and the blanket too. Winter’s here and the warmth of it will remind him of you.

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