Fawk you Friday – Family Feud Round

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Fawk you:

JDR – for being stubborn and not listening long enough to get past this and still have access .
MRR – for being such a crappy person. You pester me even when I am terribly ill and you have no manners. You woke  me up today after you know I have had no sleep and did not even say sorry.
SM – for being a twat on the whole.
JES – for not trying.
MAS- ditto
JOB – for letting me down after all the loyalty man. You are not a good company to work for. You are not well-organized. You are no different from anything big corporate American and I think you stink right now. Flashy celebs at Xmas parties really does not make up for shitty benefits and no raises in 3 years. Not to mention the fact you hire people way below their value. Your stamp on my resume doesn’t mean much right now in this world. 7 candidate potentials for my team and each one declined your offer. That’s a pretty significant amount of people who in two months decided when offered a position (which is hard to come by in these times) would rather stay where they are than work for you. Say anything or are you too busy taking over the world to notice your reputation is equivilant to a pasture patty right now?

Powdered Coffee Non Dairy Fat Free Creamer – for sitting on my tepid cup of joe like lard and not dissolving so I had to pour out that perfectly brewed cup and go for another.

Dishes – sitting in my fawking sink while no one in the house steps up to do them.

Thats all 😀


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