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Softly speaks the breeze

Things are moving so fast I sometimes wonder how my feet are really still on the ground at this point.  I have so much to look at next week and would love to figure out how to do it. I promise dear readers when it looks like there is a definite answer in my future I will make notes and include you. I honestly do not know how I will get through without making record of it here on my blog. Considering most people make these types of changes over 6mos and I am doing it in about one week. I however do not want to jinx it – hence my hush hush 🙂 you understand. I am exceptionally superstitious that way!
Since June I have tried to make some decisions. Jelly (BFF) has been most helpful and we plotted in unison on many items. We will know after next Friday which path those potential plans will take. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Softly speaks the breeze

  1. I know what you mean, lately my life has been one thing right after another, and I can hardly hold one before the next rushes in! Hope your changes go over well 🙂

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