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Skacel and Knit Purl Hunter – The Best KAL EVER!

The title immediately streams into song (think three best friends from The Hangover).

So two days ago I found out via the Skacel Facebook page that January starts this incredible KAL (knit along) that spans several months ending in July. Prizes secret patterns and new skills will be added each week. The lovely Michelle Hunter will be our dedicated  Hostess.

I have had a mental roadblock for socks and would never in a million years tackle this with out the support of Skacel or Michelle. Here’s a compliment, Skacel I love you. No I really do. Any time I have a question about needles, yarns or supplies if I post on FB or their Blog there is an email follow-up or note to my FB inbox.

That’s service folks. Ok ok yes their yarns are beautiful and fun. High quality yummy and always affordable.


Michelle will handle questions, comments and tips on her blog with video tutorials each week. This is a NO FAIL KAL ! ! !

Here’s another shout out – Doreen over at Needles N Pins Yarn Shop. She saw my dismay over having difficulty in finding my supplies for Jan and reached out to me. I am set up to get my supplies each month as they are made available delivered to my door! They are in WI so any of you Yarnies out that way go give her a smooch for me ! Their Facebook Page could use some love if your interested in staying up to date! The shop looks beautiful and I am thinking this may get added to the bucket list for a visit!


2 thoughts on “Skacel and Knit Purl Hunter – The Best KAL EVER!

  1. I love to go to craft shops too. People there are so nice and relaxed. The place is quiet. And – oh, it’s a feast for the imagination – all the things you could create (the candy shop experience!).

    My first experience in a craft store was for a high school project, sewing a pillow and skirt. That was fun. I wish I had kept it up… maybe I will pick it up again… I also like flower arranging and knitting (as I learned that from my maternal grandmother).

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