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Seasons Splendor


I love Amaryllis and Tiger lily flower varieties. I also love searching strange keyword combinations while looking up items for my clients, at work. The results are always beautiful and this time of year it fills my cup.

Normally I do a great deal of crafting that uses these flowers for decor this time of year. Gifts for others mostly, but a few have stayed to end up somewhere in the Casa LuLu. The last five years I have to say, its been very very stark in the decor range. Our home has been empty on the holidays because we have traveled and been at others homes.

This year again the house is staying sparkle proof. Watch out LuLu fans. Next year will be something much different. I have already talked to Pixie and asked what she thought about decorating a small area in crazy Christmas fashion for Etsy photographs. My design book has some pretty hefty ideas and I am going to redo the office in January. I have been working with a friend that does custom cabinetry to create not only a guest room but one that revolves around being a work space and craft lab for me. I am excited to get back to inspiration sensation.

The next week will be offline mode for me but I promise to throw some recipes your way.
I wish you all the most beautiful of holidays and loving tender moments with your special others. May the season be warm, full of cuddles and lots of candy!








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