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Newsletter or something like it…

Dec 2010 – The year ended with a bang and a blast. I decided to push myself started a KAL (knit along). While I have moved slower than most I am actually doing things I never thought I would (socks).

Jan 2011 – Was a weird transition for me. This time last year I had such huge expectations and 2010 really fucking kicked my ass. I didn’t think too much about 2010 in the first week of 2011. Then it hit, hit hard and I had to do some serious therapy with the BFF. To which brings us to some news…

The BFF and her Hubs are with child. I predicted it. I win. I started having the baby dreams and since well physically that would be impossible for me (immaculate conception the exception) I knew it had to be her. Baby Knitting and crafting has commenced.

We had the huge ice and snow storm which you all heard about and laughed over I am sure. I grew up in climates that such conditions were common, the city of Atlanta however was not ready for it and people missed work, school and food for more than 7 days. I had shopped the week before and we were snug as bugs in rugs while others scrambled on icy roads for milk eggs and bread. Silly really. By MLK day people were slowly returning to make up work missed. Trash and mail had not be taken care of and I was longing for a beach somewhere in South Florida.

Work has been crazy busy and I forget what its like to have laundry done. This is both a good and bad thing. I am keeping personal opinions to myself although I will say the enchantment wore off long ago. Sometimes you need to do your job, strive to do the best you can and move forward despite the fact you really don’t want to. I am at the “it pays the bills” stage and have been for about two years. I am grateful to be working when so many others or not, but I think working at Walmart would be more pleasant than some of the nasties I occasionally have to deal with.

The baby news has certainly lifted my spirits. I wasn’t able to be present for Thing1’s birth but hopefully Pixie and I will make it for Thing2.

Pixie on a side note has picked up two crafts I am thrilled about. Painting, she just completed her first oil. Now she has also started Knitting. Yes that was a heavenly choir parting the cold winter sky and shooting rainbow and glitter to the Earth below. What does this mean? It means I can take her to all my cool fiber festivals and events with out eye rolls now. YAY ME !

So more news I woke up this morning and decided to design a pattern for Valentines day. The above little nugget was my starter swatch crafted in less than an hour. Keep in mind my little proud heart has to do some sing sing here. I only started learning cables Jan 1 2011. so less than three weeks ago really as week 2 on our KAL was when we actually started the basic cable. Hugs and Kisses! See them ?


3 thoughts on “Newsletter or something like it…

  1. Hurray for baby news! That is so wonderful for your friend.

    My husband has family in Atlanta, and I have some in Evans (north of there, near the SC border.) I’m so happy that the snow and ice have passed us by for the most part. I had enough last year to last me a long while.

  2. This certainly made me realize how much I do not like it ! 🙂 The last twenty years of my life have been spent in warm climates. I guess I wussed out (hehe).

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