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Learning To Knit – For my Friends


My friends live all over the world. For years many have asked me to teach them how to knit. There just never seemed the right place or time for us to be together to sit down and really dig into the knitty gritty (ha ha I crack me up). Knitting, despite the obvious joke coming here, is absolutely hands on. Sometimes you need someone to look at your stitches and ask questions.

I love everything about knitting. It is not always easy and by no means do I even begin to have the ability or mad skills that some of these beautiful designers have. I do however love to talk to people and think that knitting can be enjoyable for any age to learn and not so intimidating.

Every yarn shop offers courses. I fully support these and think that there is NO better place to learn. You get the support of a community, make new friends, and are educated by people who have done this for years. I do however think there are some drawbacks to those. Just food for thought here, but I have to earn my yarn money and any treats I want to stash. I have a tight budget now like almost every person I know. My best friend wants to learn to knit well this year (this is in large part for her), but she doesn’t have the 85$ to go and take a 4 week course on knit/purl fundamentals. Basics and beginner skills can be practiced honed and developed. Once you get your cast on – go to a local knit night. Then take that course on a specific sweater pattern or baby item. Working on a specific pattern with a group of people doing the same thing at all skills levels is money well invested.
Until then, join me and let me show you what to do with those sticks !

Topics Covered Session 1

  • Casting on
  • The knit stitch
  • The purl stitch
  • The yarn over
  • Types of yarn
  • Types of needles
  • How to read a pattern

Materials You Will Need:

Knitting Needles (You really can use some chopsticks if you want to!)

Skein of Yarn

Some notes – I think the first time you knit anything you should pick a beautiful yarn that speaks volumes to your happy place. The very first yarn I picked up after having my knitting needles down for so long was none other than fun fur. I made about a million crazy scarves to give to friends and loved ones. Of course I chose every crazy color on the planet so my crew resembled a band of misplaced drag queens through the winter season that year.

Your first needles should be Sized 7, 8, or 9 for ease in grip and comfort through your first stitches. I prefer to teach everyone on circular needles so they begin to get used to the feel as everything I knit now is done on circulars even when its a flat object and does not need magic loop.

What does size matter? Often you will come across a pattern and several sizes or abbreviations will be given size 9, you might see 5.5 mm, or even British size 5. These are all the same size but depending on the pattern designer, needle manufacturer used or the place the pattern was created. The size of  the needle, type and how many you will use have everything to do with the technique in which you will be knitting.

Not all knits are created equal! Some techniques are very easy while others more advanced. The first course of this tutorial is to help you understand the tools of your new craft. The second will be creating an actual project, so there will be a materials list.

Metric American British
2 mm 0 14
2.25 mm 1 13
2.75 mm 2 12
3 mm N/A 11
3.25 mm 3 10
3.50 mm 4 N/A
3.75 mm 5 9
4 mm 6 8
4.50 mm 7 7
5 mm 8 6
5.50 mm 9 5
6 mm 10 4
6.50 mm 10.5 3
7 mm N/A 2
7.50 mm N/A 1
8 mm 11 0
9 mm 13 00
10 mm 15 000
11 mm 17 N/A
19 mm 19 N/A
25 mm 50 N/A


2 thoughts on “Learning To Knit – For my Friends

  1. I learned the basics from friends and have now begun taking classes at the yarn shop to learn specific techniques that is involved in a project such as a sweater. I agree, learning the basics from friends is the way to begin.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

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