Anthropologie Fashion Forward Weekend

I cant remember the last time I put a look book together. Today I was geeking on Anthropologie for some inspired knits. I came to an image that struck me as something I would wear, mainly because I do everyday. The stylized jean.

What I realized is that I own many similar pieces already, I just have absolutely NO sense what so ever in putting them together in the right way to look like I stepped out of a fashion magazine rather than my wrinkled closet. This outfit with the jacket would be perfect for office and the maxi with jacket just what I have for spring movie night! Ok ok its still very cold and not yet warm enough for that or these heels, but when the time is right… watch out!

I am going to start more look books so as I reorganized my closet and continue to buy clothes from my ever shrinking form, I will have a better shopping guide than just my wallet. Granted I only buy super special pieces here because I cant afford 298$ for a bangle at this time. These fashion essentials however do show up at bargain stores!

By the way your tracking codes are showing 🙂





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