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Goodnight Sweet Prince

I have not been able to even concentrate enough to get online.

Today we lost Mushu.

I am a little worn for the wear as I have spent the last few days pushing fluids, doing heating pads, rubbing bellys and whispering over and over how loved this little fella was.

Only with us for three years, he was Pixie’s best pal. I know her heart is a little less full tonight. She was ready as we both have not slept caring for him round the clock.

Friday night he stopped roaming around. Chinchillas by nature are exceptionally crazy and jumpy. To not be feisty is the first danger sign.  By Saturday night, when we came home he was down and out. Not at all wanting to move. We tried to call an emergency vet that could see exotics. There are just  not that many on staff. Sunday morning my vet opened his office for us (yes how awesome is that) and tried his best to see what he could do. Not being an exotic he only could push subque fluids and provided syringes for us to continue until today when normal offices would be open.

I found a great vet in Alpharetta that was highly referred by the chinchilla boards as being fuzz friendly and very knowledgable. Mushu went over immediately this morning and we planned an attack of goodies on his system. They placed him in an incubator snuggled into soft fluffy towels and had just started some vitamins, antibiotics, did a glucose test and were going to start an IV once they gave him a little comfort juice. Glucose came back adn we discovered Mush was extremely in insulin shock due to Diabetes. While rare in Chins it’s not uncommon for petstore varieties (inbreeding). Which is where he was adopted from.

When I left the office I had only been in the car a few minutes when Dr P. called to let me know he had passed. The comfort juice was just enough to relax his body enough to let go. He had held on for us past the weekend where we could get him somewhere safe and where he would not be in the house for Pixie to have to deal with. I had said goodbye in the office (not expecting it to be forever) but I did let him know how loved he was. She did not get to say goodbye but she did get to spend the whole weekend telling him how much he meant to her.

A chinchilla could mean that much?

Well yes, for pet lovers like us certainly. He also was Pixies first really cool personal pet. He slept with her and was her constant companion. For her I did all this. I knew and I suspect she did too he wouldn’t come back from this. Turns out Diabetic care would have been difficult and far worse for him. Chins live 15 – 20 years and we had hoped his life with us would have been longer. We had three years. He had three spoiled pampered and utterly adored years.

While very sad, I still go with my heart.

Rescue a pet. The love you will share will never match anything you will have in life again.

My second suggestion – when adopting anything that remotely seems exotic. Get a vet first thing – a first aid kit for any breed specific emergencies (we had the whole fluid-nutrient- kit for Chins). Then make sure you have resources available to you in the middle of the night. We were able to keep Mushy comfy out of pain and resting peacefully until we could see a vet. No pet should suffer.


If you have a Chinchilla and have an emergency there are amazing resources and forums online. We did some immediate surfing about his status on Chinchilla World. The team there is amazing and while most answers ended in Vet Immediately – there were some suggestions too.


One thought on “Goodnight Sweet Prince

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss! I really feel that any pet is part of a family, and when you lose that pet, it breaks your heart.

    Amen to rescuing pets! My current two cats are from the SPCA, and that is the only place that I have ever owned an animal from, save for the cat I found in a parking lot once.

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