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Confessions of my shopping habits

Tuesday Mix – Express yourself

What does that have to do with lingerie or shoes, yeah not much. It is just a happy dance music mix of energy that is moving my day along. Enjoy.

Ok I watched one of my go to chick flicks last night. Confessions of a Shopaholic. Cute , moderately well placed dialogue, not as great as the book (because you get in season down lows on labels) but still funny and fun. What I realized halfway through was I was calling seasons in my head for the Pucci boots and Hermes top lock bags. I miss shopping. (whimper). I am desperately trying to understand why I cant find anything of value or interest in Atlanta. Thrifting, Antiquing, Picking and Bargaining are my mantra. I am just not feeling it.

Fashion.. I miss Fashion. Hyphen (jelly gravy brownie) and I used to shop until we were in retail coma. Times were different, our family structures were too. I admit I am a label whore. There is just no way getting around it. I accept that virtue.

I do often look back and enjoy the scores and feeling of retail therapy. Today is a different time and it makes me laugh at times when I realize how terribly frugal I am. Even when I was not getting jacked in income (like I am now) I saved most of it. I had a dream last night a new job came my way (which it may tomorrow) and I spent my first coin on completely ridiculous stuff for my family and lots of baby stuff for Hyphen.

I then was a lottery winner and realized, yes it would take millions for me to live the life I particularly care for. “sigh”.

Until then, I will cook save eat at home and love watching my trust fund grow.

Those Pucci boots really would look great with my jeans.



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