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SuperHero Tuesday – The Peacock Edition

I think there are days that clearly define us. Today I managed to shine like the little crazy diamond I am.

Mom has been terribly ill. Since about November she has had one illness after another. I know this comes with age and while I am ready for it, she is not. She has not done proper maintenance and care throughout her life and is now learning a very valuable lesson. Those choices are catching up now and unfortunately for me (it doesn’t mean I don’t love her) because I am her only family local I am her caregiver. I have a huge family, but most including all of my brothers are not here.

So today in the matter of an hour and some change –

I just prevented my moms utilities from getting turned off, rearranged finances, paid my bills, ran her errands, did my team meeting, two client calls, picked up her drugs, dropped off her blood test, dosed her with ointment delivered a report and shipped off sugar skulls.

That was one of my statuses. Copied for your enjoyment. Why so many drugs whats wrong with her now? She has shingles. If you ever wondered what this old-time disease was or how exactly people get it, please see the link and do some research. If you are like me and starting to fall into the caregiver role for an elderly parent or family member it is really important to start understanding these things. In December her immune system was tanked due to the renal failure started in November. That was prevented healed and moved past, on to this. Its painful, it’s very ugly to look at. She really does look like Rocky Balboa post fight. It is all she talks about and for the past 4 days she has not had anything else to even focus on.

Oh yeah, old people also obsess on one particular subject. If it’s not their health, bowel movements, it’s the weather. Now my grandmother did not obsess. She had hobbies. Mom doesn’t have anything other than work to occupy her mind and that’s been limited as she has taken time off to focus on these health issues. I told her I would take her car away if she didn’t šŸ™‚


Tonight I am drinking wine, and wearing my Peacock Superhero Cape. I deserve it.

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5 thoughts on “SuperHero Tuesday – The Peacock Edition

  1. So sorry to hear about your mom. Hope things look up soon and that you are able to get some rest in between helping her out. My mom was bedridden the last year of her life and my family took turns going over to help her each night. I also had a sister living with her at that time. Let me tell you she was high maintenance to a “t” but we loved her so much that it took some of the sting out of it all. The best advice I can give you is to take time with her when you can. I used to go over and vacuum her room and do other things to help like getting her in the shower, etc. Then I sat down for a good hour or so and we read the bible out loud. She loved doing that and I believe it gave her hope and peace. I know it did that for me. My prayers are with you and your mom and family. God Bless

  2. wow, you definitely do!
    new follower by the way.
    hope things start to get better, my mom cares for her mom and i know its so heartbreaking for her-i wish yall only the best

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