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Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

I experienced yarn therapy today. It was due.

First – Happy Birthday Dr. Suess.  If you look down on us from your library in the sky or wonder among virtual blogs to tickle your literary fancy, thank you. Thank you for making my little pixie giggle when she was little, counting one fish two fish. Thank you for lifting her spirits as a teen when we read about the Places She’ll Go to get through the drama of Highschool.

Second – Job interview this morning. Went well it was the first interview not with the company but with the recruiters. They were both great and I truly appreciate the prep work they offered me in terms of getting me ready for this appointment tomorrow during lunch. I am not nervous. It’s a great company. Interviewing is never easy though and I expect them to offer some challenges I look forward to it.

Third – Haircut was a massive fail and made me fall apart from the inside out. They took off so much I feel naked. Everyone loves it, I am really not feeling it.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

  1. This was my FB status yesterday:

    Did you ever have the feeling there’s a Wasket in your Basket? …or a Nureau in your Bureau? Sometimes I feel quite Certain there’s a Jertain in the Curtain. And that Zelf up on that Shelf! I’ve talked to him myself. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

    …from my favorite Dr Seuss book.

    Glad the job interviews went well as for the hair…it will grow. I know, patience on both fronts, eh?

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