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Fawk You Friday – The Perky Edition

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Boobs, and My Mad Mind are our lovely hosts for this weeks FU Friday Fun.

Check out their bloggies for some laughs and welcome your weekend with lots of friendly fun (and giveaways)!

Fawk You – Crazy haircut lady who butchered my hair. Luckily I remained calm enough to work past all of the hair you removed to work a few new styles into my look and I can get past the damage done.

Fawk You – Unreasonable conservative lecturer who made me feel less than I am and like I could not succeed. Guess what I did it was awesome and I think I may come out of this with something new and wonderful.

Fawk You – Cold weather. I am over it already. Where is the sun@!


That’s all I have bloggy friends.

My life has been more than crazy and my plate full of shit. The thing is, I am not burdened by those things or feeling blue. I have an amazing best friend, a great family and a clear decisive mindset. I can get through the poo pile and come out looking forward to planting roses. Why sit and focus on the horrible and dread the day away. Grandma LuLu (now known as Shingles Balboa) does enough of the Negative Nancy for us, that I really can’t join in that party. 🙂


One thought on “Fawk You Friday – The Perky Edition

  1. Not a bad haircut?! I would have literally broke down bawling…but I’ll bet it turned out super fly and you’re rocking it right now anyway! 😉

    I’m impatiently waiting for summer…Boobies wants to wear a bathing suit!

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