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A little wonderful

I have to say its pretty fabulous being able to blog from a phone. I could add pretty pictures if I wanted to, but that takes more time than is humanly reasonable.
Why? I currently have over two thousand photos on my blackberry. The majority of which I have sent to my social folders friends and also in the past twitpic and other sites similar.
With things changed on our permissions in January (work) and not able to tweet or access certain web apps any longer, I started moving most of my mobile uploads to flickr.
I did not realize until today when looking to move the rest what wonderful pics I had on there.
So tasks today:
Clean out the rest of the photos.
Finish cleaning the house for The Visit on Tuesday.
Finish the odd laundry left in the basket in the pantry for months. (Last load rinsing now)
Try not to go crazy from the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack playing in the background, and instead appreciate the fact Pixie is enjoying the technology finally you have invested in all these years.
Find the vintage patterns I need for my new fabulous idea.
Appreciate the fact my mother hasn’t called yet as I am completely exhausted from care giving the last six weeks.
Take Pixie downtown for her photo project.
See if any of the thrift stores in Roswell are open today.


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