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Music Moves Me Monday


All aboard music lovers!  Time to jump on the Xmas Dolly choo choo of tunes!

This weeks theme – Favorite Female Artist. Ok technically my first choice is a duet, but how can you deny the power of Bowie and Lenox together. Its like peanut butter and chocolate!

Ok so then we will jump into a little forgotten but equally potent song by Ms Lenox.

Ingrid still delivers a happy love song about what we as women feel towards the men we love.

I hope your Monday is powerful and productive!


8 thoughts on “Music Moves Me Monday

  1. I love that Ingrid Michaelson song, and I love Bowie too. When I think of Annie Lennox, I just think of the Tourists as it was one of the first songs I bought 🙂 Glad you liked my entry 🙂

  2. Those are great! I love “The way I am” too! Never saw the video though. Thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for playing along with us. Next week is freebie week where you can post anything you like. Sound like fun? Hope to see you then. Following you as I can, but didn’t see your followers, but got you on twitter. Let me know where it’s at & I’ll come back to follow. Have a great week & welcome to the 4M’s!!!

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