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Knit your own Royal Wedding – The Corgis are Coming!

I am not really sure why I expect an invitation in the mail from the Windsor family. Perhaps in some small way I do feel like William’s older cousin. Being that I loved his mum Princess Diana, and stayed home from school as a child to watch her marry Prince Charles. My family has always followed the Windsor’s. More so than most Americans, well actually than any other Americans we ever knew. Yes we have the plates and tea cups. Windsor memorabilia and news articles are not uncommon.

I was thrilled when HRH Prince William became heavily involved and publicly announced his romance with her Ladyship Kate. Moving over several years and their continued courtship had royal watchers buzzing about a future marriage. Then the announcement, Diana’s ring and the happy couple remaining private about this event. It is just thrilling.

So Today I did place an order for the above book. I just found it via links shared on Facebook and I am sure will not be able to complete any items in time for the nuptials but by golly I will still have it. Here’s the thing, The Aunts in Ireland will love it when I send them all a set after the nuptials to place on their Royal Shelves. What are those ? Yeah so my fanaticisms comes from a good source. My relatives in the UK have their own alters of affection. It is actually very common for most residents to have a portrait of the Queen, absolutely one of Diana and several items of affection like sugar spoons, bowls, plates, saucers, tea cups, tea pots and more with the Windsor family and crest adorning them.

Want the book for your own?

Amazon has a copy for $11.08 and I am sure you could find it from other book sources with discounts.


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