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Owl-be printing this out as soon as possible

Photo of the new owl from Kidrobot

If you craft owls, love owls or even have owly tats (like me) then the free calendar over at My Barn Owl is just the thing for you!

From the picture page you select the various photos you most enjoy. Pick some for a friend too, there are more than 12.

From the drop down assign that photo the month you wish it to represent. When you have each one you want, download at the very bottom of the page. It will generate a calendar you can print. Better yet get some pretty card stock, high quality paper and create a calendar for a friend with some glue deco bits and scrapbooking goodies. I am sure you could think of something amazing to put it all together. How could you not resist these faces! The Barn Owl website is just as awesome for ideas and owl love. The blog features all sorts of ideas to bring owls into your life everyday.


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