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Trying New Yarn – Himalaya Aloo

Photos Courtesy of YarnMarket.com
Brand: Himalaya
Yarn Name: Aloo
Fiber Content: Aloo
Price: 8.00 – 12.50 USD for around 100-150 yards
Aloo is a relative to the North American Nettle plant. In native Nepal it is used for many purposes including fishing nets, bags, and medicinal herbal tinctures. The leaves are used by both people and animals of the region. The consumer market is only able to get the yarn made from the dried and spun stalks seasonally. It is processed much like Linen, Flax and Hemp.
I spotted this in a yarn sale and decided I would make a committment to myself to try one new yarn a month. I am also hoping to support some local yarn shops. The yarn industry and local stores are not doing so well, in recent news and numbers.
This is suggested as more of an industrial fiber, to be used for heartier objects  such as placemats, dish cloths or decor. It has a scratchy structure that does not soften its drape or content on washing. I have seen patterns for wash cloths. I can’t imagine rubbing this on my body (but I do have sensitive skin) and feel it’s really suited for a dishcloth function.
I am hoping to make a table runner and placemats from it. I have not found the perfect pattern yet, but hope to this week. Stay tuned for pictures.
Scrubbie Pattern available from TraciKnits (Free)
Table Decor – Patternworks – $7.00
Dishcloths – YarnBarn – $6.00
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