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What are you … a Houdini ?

Technically yes I am,  by blood not by marriage. Born on March 24th in Budapest, Harry (Ehrich) would claim he had been born in Wisconsin for a long time in the beginning of his career. This to sideline any skepticism over foreign controversy. At that time they existed heavily in the tenements of New York especially. Fun little family fact. Does it mean much of anything, I don’t know but I sure love the fella.

Did you know that Harry did not actually die in the Chinese Water Torture Trap? I hope you do. Movies and even novels proclaim this was his last great act. In fact it was as it was truly his last performed escape prior to his show at the Garrick Theater. Houdini had acute appendicitis that he knew about, took the stage with a temp of 104 collapsed was revived to finish his performance. He refused medical treatment, even with a diagnosis in place and passed away on October 31st at the Grace Hospital just down the road.

I really do not know much more about this side of my family. What I do know is from researching family history. There were a few members of Harry’s family that were close and others that remained distant when scandal arose later in his life regarding debunking spiritualist and some members of the early paranormal community.

I do know that my father took up illusion and escape for a time and actually became part of several organizations to promote better standards in magical practice including the Society of American Magicians. Which has direct ties to the work Harry did and standards for performers because of his beliefs in illusion not deception.


Happy Birthday Harry.


However that blood actually translates in my genes in a manner of mysteries, I think you are the bees knees of all magicians.


5 thoughts on “What are you … a Houdini ?

  1. Can I just say how awesome it is that you are related to Harry Houdini? I think that it is fantastic! I’ve always been fascinated by him, and actually saw some great photos of him on display at an exhibit in Cape May on my honeymoon three years ago. Thanks for sharing this great story!

  2. You are so welcome. I love Cape May! I wish I had uber neat things to share or some funny story passed along family lines, sadly just a big forehead curly hair and the same appetite 😀

  3. Thats great. Family trees are amazing. I found out I am related to Harry Longabaugh AKA The Sundance Kid.(the actual one, not your boy Redford HA! )

  4. Awesome! oddly enough some of his blood relatives have the last name of Blood. I can’t say how jealous I am that you are related to Houdini. *pouts* hahaha

  5. Chad.. I was wondering when you were going to see this. For a time I had aspirations of becoming an illusionist and masterful magician. I cant keep a straight face long enough to carry the trick. 🙂

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