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Stick Em with the Pointy End..

A Game of Thrones – George R.R. Martin

Shane shares my love of reading. We parallel in terms of graphic novels, political controversy and often outlandish dark comedy. There are always a good deal of comic books in there, and I often look at my book selections and think “hmm I wonder if Shane has read this?”. It is no different from highschool where these same tastes drew us into a small circle of very dear friends that stay in touch daily on Facebook. Lisa, Sarah, and a few others recently decided to all start reading this series. I had heard amazing things from my fantasy friends.

Had to be done, sorry fellas. You were such a huge part of my childhood.. there had to be SOME goofy pic in this post.

I havent been in a fantasy mood lately at all. I was shocked that right out of the gate this book delivered the promised mind fuck Shane told me it would. I was really emotionally wretched from all of its plot twists and turns and final story wind down. I have let myself recover before I start book two.

So this is too much of a story to detail here. It is absolutely worth adding to your fantasy library and while it carries a tone of “olde” to it, the modern character development is amazing. You feel attached to these people as you would your own circle of childhood friends. Luckily my friends are not rampaging brutal hordes of heathens. Well ok not REALLY all the time.. just some times… 🙂

The best next thing? The series was picked up by HBO and will be coming to TV ! Tomorrow night HBO will actually show the first 15 minutes of the series.

Good Call Shane…





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