Red Curry What?

So this post is short and sweet. My blog is not about food I promise, I just have had very little else to discuss lately. I am working hard (yawn) working a part-time gig even harder (yawn yawn) getting homesick (booking flights) and knitting my little fingers madly together with baby goodies. I would love to show you photos of THOSE but can’t because SOMEONE will see them.

I am also playing with the settings in my editor because I can’t get the balance on my camera to reflect the true color in my photos. (Driving me batty).
ReD Curry – Oh yeah that’s what we were talking about. I bought this salad dressing that is supposed to be from Europe. No don’t go thinking I am fancy. It was on sale at Kroger for .69c
The ingredients are organic (yay) all beggies (double woot) and looked yummy (I suppose). It tastes bizarrely wonderful and odd and I can’t remember the name of it. I left it at my  moms house. I keep getting the sensation I should be eating seafood somewhere on the Wharf in Virginia. That could be the combo of  the red curry and mustard. Odd but good. Hope you have a great Wednesday.




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