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How much do you think you are worth?

In a perfect world our efforts pay off. In fact our efforts allow us to provide for our families, have comfortable living environments, they also should allow us to save.

This world is far from perfect right now, I get that. It is also a far cry from reasonable. Last year when someone said to me “You are lucky to be working” my sarcastic smirk would come shining through. My retort was the same each and every time I heard that comment, “Am I”.

I am by no means ungrateful and secretly if you must know this post is not about “MY” job. I  like my job. What is this post about? How very tired I am of hearing the word “LUCKY”

Each and every time that phrase rears its head towards a friend or loved one looking for a job, in a job or moving towards achievement I want to slap the person spouting it. We all know the economy is wrecked. Here is the thing though, companies are still hiring. New companies are growing moving changing looking. Companies are willing to pay to get qualified candidates on deck and take their businesses in new directions. They want to pay you to be part of their team and pay you well.

In group postings I often see positions I am qualified for. I look to see who the company is, what they are offering, where they are located and pull a little history via LinkedIn on their past and present members. Nosy yes. Why? It’s a good picture of what they want to become in terms of a larger space. Specifically in my world where everything is social media, marketing and engine awareness. A post for a store I love caught my eye.

Marketing Coordinator:
Adding content to our website including new products, kits, etc
(coding HTML content management)
Coordinating email blasts (email marketing templates mass marketing)
Contributing to our social media efforts (analysis, tweeting, FB awareness, engine and channel awareness)
Assisting with ad development and execution across platforms (SEM, SEO, ad copy, contextual ad creation)
Executing assorted other tasks and projects as assigned. (busy work we throw at you no one else has time to do)
We are looking for someone with the following qualifications:
1-3 years marketing experience
(wow ok that’s a lot)
Proficiency with PC based applications (see above)
Knitting experience (required)
Basic HTML (ahh there it is see.. this means we need more than just marketers)
This person should also be obsessively detail-oriented, able to handle multiple tasks concurrently and have a strong work ethic. We have a fun but very fast paced environment.

Nice ! Everything an SEM Specialist has done or will do, or an ad agency marketing professional. So this seems mid management or mid professional level in the position world. What was not great the follow-up on available Salary:

Salary $28,000/year BOE


Now I am guessing this is at least a 40 hr work week. Taking their location in to consideration, the market and current COL I did a little research on some salary scales.

Average based on those qualifications – This Market and Their zipcode

25th% currently makes 75th% currently makes

Why does it matter.

In social circles where everything is connected today who you are as a company is just as important as who you hire. When you place ads looking for highly qualified people and have not had those positions filled in several months, perhaps you need to research what jobs like that are paying as well. Do you want to get someone on board who may not have any of those qualifications but can spin a pretty yarn (believe me people can find all sorts of references these days) or do you want to lose them after two months when they see an opening for a job paying towards the scale they should be paid.

Trust me a marketing professional is going to look this stuff up and if they don’t you really shouldn’t be hiring them!

Paid Internship – Same qualification same pay.

Problem solved.


One thought on “How much do you think you are worth?

  1. Wow! Great assessment on common sense in business. Sadly lots of people in business have zero business sense. And so after a few years they wonder why they failed.

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