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Painting the Roses Red (Or your son’s toenails)

By today you have seen the News, read the Headlines, and I am sure had one or more poignant arguments with your Facebook friends over what the “spark of inspiration” behind this ad really was.

Based on the fact JC isn’t BR, I have my suspicions on their motives and if that’s the case Shame on You JC. Jenna I love and have been a fan so I only give her kudos for showing a harmless photo of her and her adorable son goofing on a weekend. What I am slightly not a fan of and would offer her some tender motherly friend feedback on, is the polish. No not its color, not the fact B is a boy or any of that other balarky.

Jenna, my lovely lady friend, perhaps you were not aware but nail polish (especially THAT nail polish) has some seriously farted up crap that really shouldnt be on kids. At all. In fact the FDA and Green organizations issue articles and bills each year to alert the public to the The Big Three.

DBP, formaldehyde and toluene. These hazardous chemicals, known as the Toxic Trio, are closely associated with cancer, birth defects and asthma, which is why you may have heard it’s best to skip manicures altogether when you’re pregnant. Granted most of that stems from salons that have these chemicals floating about for eight hours a day with little to no ventilation, and I get that is much different from your home. Formaldehyde and toluene have an absorption rate however (this is why polish dries and gets that slick corvette sheen) that is higher than skin lotion. Yes you are in effect embalming yourself each time you paint your nails.

I love a mani/pedi. I love my toenails painted. I would NEVER let my kid touch the stuff. She got Barbi Bubble Pink peel off polish (it’s a wax/soy based paint not polish) that was available. Ok I get it’s not the popular colors gracing Vogue, but guess what some brands now are carrying those !

All Lacquered Up – has NYX, CND and Misa listed as some that are crap free. In fact check out her list. There are several great brands including MAC that have some toxin free versions although they may contain one or more of the other. At the bottom are brands that are ALL clean.

If you are lucky enough to have a son who loves pink, keep him and his health safe by choosing a pink that doesn’t stink !


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