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Hankie Bunny – Easter Craft for Kids

Photo Courtesy of Margaret Oomen

My exposure to crafts at an early age came from several main sources. Our church community, relatives and care givers, and the very many craft fairs farmers markets and flea markets that seemed so prevalent (every weekend) in my youth. They each were very strong in the exposure and different techniques but I will say Church offered constant inspiration. Each week something new in the gift shop, our cubbies for treats or on our Sunday School list to create for parents and friends. Everyday items were turned into something magical. Those fun towels you see at Disney, yeah come on you really didn’t think some Imagineer thought that up all on his own did you?

In Pixie’s baby layette came this sweet little gadget called a BooBoo Bunny. Small in size – plastic freeze cube in his back – he was ready to comfort! Brilliant in thought, weird in execution and just downright not practical in terms of icing off a real boo-boo. Lets take it one step further.

Hankie Bunny Tutorial – Updated How To on my blog ! 

With any piece of fabric, scarves, antique hankies, or just some lovely soft terry cloth you can make a boo-boo bunny, easter treat, or Sunday School Church Bizarre gift. I especially love the vintage hankie idea. What if you used a larger terry cloth scrap from your stash and piled in a cold pack? 

Why do I love these?

The cloth makes sensitive fingers more apt to hold on an ice pack and not whine, complain, and twist  in horror until its removed. Sweet darling faces make kids less apprehensive about medical attention and lets face it, anything you can turn into a game treat or goody for a kid in crisis usually saves the day.


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