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Is Big Society Working – Not in America

This Project  is in just one word, Beautiful. A giant quilt being put together by citizens all over London (and beyond) looking for their country to listen to them. Sound familiar ?

We are very concerned in the states currently about economics. Financial crisis has hit elsewhere in the world and in a big way. I encourage you to look  beyond your pond because our neighbors are suffering as much as we are. Money taken away from the Art, Music and public Libraries will and already has affected the families communities and more. The ripple effect from this will spread as  it always does and devour those in it’s wake.

I love peaceful protesting. It shows intelligence, self-control, mannered discipline and respect. We all want to kick and scream, but people turn that off. I wish there were more organized crafters stateside to tackle something like this for our financial crisis and then put it before the people who matter. People who I wish would look more at their citizens and less at their capitol hill wallets.


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