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Forsyth County – “Nazi” Seen and Heard

You know my feelings on Forsyth County. I was a little shocked to see things get so heated. I am by no means a political blogger or even interested in being such. I am however strongly disappointed in a continued failing county that can’t pull its head out of its own arse and that of others.

From the AJC

“At the Tuesday meeting of the Forsyth County Planning Commission, District 5 Commissioner Dr. Joe Moses confronted chair Pam Livesay for failing to follow state open meetings laws by posting required public notice. Livesay said any mistakes were “out of ignorance, and nothing else.” District 4 Commissioner Matt Murphy then commented on Roswell activist and blogger Nydia Tisdale whose complaint forced cancellation of last month’s meeting. “You had your little Nazi agent over there put it in her little blog,” Murphy told Moses as he pointed at Tisdale.”

Now according to the various watchdog sites this all came during public taping. From the back story it seems public notice did not go out in timely fashion. The comment made about last months meeting was because Ms. Tisdale did indeed file a complaint previously with Attorney General’s office.

Mr. Murphy was late and was frustrated in conversation while Dr. Moses tried to update as the meeting continued. He is stated in several articles as even making inappropriate comments to Moses. Called strong armed or threatening according to other news sources.

So Forsyth County does seem to have a bully problem after all. Wonder what fabulously other grand vocabulary will be dropped. As bloggers around the county mention, it’s not uncommon to hear cursing, defamatory and derogatory slander.



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