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Hope Ewe had a great Easter Holiday (if thats your thing)

Our weekend was silent but awesome.

Saturday night using some recent coupon tactics I managed to save about 100$ off my grocery bill. Groceries were still super expensive but that certainly helped. Pixie and I even did the “F*Yeah” High 5 out the door with our two carts full of healthy discounted menu planned food. It’s been a while since we stocked up so we had to strut a few times around the parking lot.

I woke up early and pasted Vinyl Butterflies all over Pixie’s room (pictures to follow this week). Hobby Lobby had 50% off sales so I snatched up some goodies for her room, and to match the quilt I had recently bought her. Bright lemons, cherry,  blues and just stunning butterflies really pulled it all together. In the middle I placed her basket. Full of movies including the whole Harry Potter set (on sale at Walmart for next to nothing plus online rebate) then a book she had wanted (coupon + ordered book online got free s/h) and of course chocolate treats! I didn’t load the basket full of candy. Just some nibbles for those craving moments. I found these great paper lanterns on sale as well, that will be made into little lamps. Harvey seemed taken by her little lamb. Is it true love?

Sunday was of course the big bake off.

Brunch included homemade Potato Latkes, grapefruit juice and a dollop of sour cream. My mother seemed shocked that I not only KNEW how to make them but made them so well. This is one of those “Really?” moments. Why on earth would that shock you mother dearest? Not only has my culinary interest tastes and creativity surpassed you (20 years ago) but I actually enjoy cooking when I don’t have to do every night for people pestering me to death to feed them 🙂 That would be your cue to shut it.

Our dinner included:

Bourbon Ham
Homemade Caraway Bread
Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans

Lesson Learned – She kept pestering me to put a little water in the pan with my glaze. “So it doesnt stick get dried out or crusty”.  I actually caught her at one point trying to put water in there. Using the Google machine on my phone (as there were NO computers allowed this weekend), I did snapshot research on exactly how much moisture a ham needed to stay “wet” in roast. Guess what folks its not a WHOLE Helluva LOT. Shocking I know. Mama was wrong. You may all make your feigned mock gasp now.

If you choose a bone in shank portion ham, with a good portion of the fat content intact and on top of that smoked rind – you have very little to worry about if you are tenting that bad boy with foil and slow baking.

All of those adjectives are important because if you are doing ham differently then you have some things to think about. I added less than 1/3 cup water to my  basting pan. I wish I hadn’t. Even that was too much water. My glaze just never really recovered after that. Never. Again. Will. I . Listen. Despite the water (bleh) the piggy was still perfect succulent and not sweet at all. The bourbon certainly added a kick but it was not at all sugar sweet. I love it.

Next year you are welcome to join us! Just give me the two-week notice because this was a very last-minute decision cooking expedition. Pixie and I were honestly going to do grilled cheese and salad prior and then decided we were very lame.

Harvey got decorated (it got much worse) for the occasion. Harvey was not thrilled.


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