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Frogging myself crazy

No this is not some joke about touchy touchy…. Although perhaps I will work on one later. A joke not .. nevermind.

I treated myself to new books via the Amazon Prime special offer. Essentially you join and there are groups of books that qualify for free s/h. Not just new books, but used books by some Amazon Prime vendors. I really wanted one and the other popped up in recommendations. So the price being right,  both being used, (we are talking less than 2 bux each) I nibbled. I am very pleased for the most part. I try to constantly look for book sales, library sales and book exchanges. The unfortunate part is that rarely do you find craft knitting or crochet in there.

These books are both beautifully photographed, deep in patterns that are inspiring and create the eagerness in me to get started. Started I did get, but quickly learned Entrelac does not move fast enough at all to keep my interest. I really need to learn some of these speed knitting techniques to get past this roadblock of start-itis.


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