Papel Picado From Puebla, Mexico

So in doing Cinco de Mayo research to give you some craft ideas for the kiddies and some inspiration for your crocheting, I found some other resources and points of interest about Papel Picado. I am truly fascinated by this art form right now. Perhaps it sings of spring and summer. Warm summer nights down on 4th sitting outside eating pork lime tacos and having a super cold Corona. There were times Tucson left a glimmer and charm on me. As I look back more often than I realized at the time.

I have found beautiful books in the last few days about this art form, how to replicate it and I am working on mapping some of these out for filet crochet patterns. I have never been fantastic at pattern writing but perhaps this would work out a little better since its a smaller scale project.

Books you might like:

Mexican Papercutting: Simple Techniques for Creating
Colorful Cut-Paper Projects by Kathleen Trenchard.
The Skeleton at the Feast: the Day of the Dead in Mexico.
The Paper Cut-Out Design Book by Ramona Jablonski
Magic Windows/Ventanas Magicas by Carmen Lomas
Making Magic Windows: Creating Cut Paper Projects
With Carmen Lomas Garza by Carmen Lomas Garza

Lesson Plan Ideas for Home Schoolers:

Papel Picado

Lesson Ideas for grades 3-12

From the Tucson Museum of Art – Mexican Tradition


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