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Breastfeeding babydoll – Bebe Gloton

Toys for children change each generation. The baby dolls I had, greatly differed from the ones Pixie did. Now that some of my lady pals are having babes of their own, I am seeing a whole new crop of technology focused toys. We didn’t have the crying babies in highschool, we had sack of sugar. I remember some had eggs. These new toys now include babies that are breastfed.
The dolls created in Spain are anatomically correct according to the site, and cry for mommy to feed them. A child wears a little bib that has two flowers that when baby is placed close to, soothe the crying. Baby begins to suckle and then must be burped. The big controversy here in the states seems to stem from the fact this is over sexualizing children.

I am not sure how I feel about that view. When pixie was born, there seemed no other option but to breastfeed. She did not take to it well and eventually did have to go on formula for nutrition and growth values. Everyone’s experience with this varies but it seemed in no way unnatural to me. SBH and I have had this discussion at length because she too is a strong advocate for the breast. Honestly besides the bonding, the ease and the immediate availability, breastfeeding is beyond economical. I don’t know if you’ve priced formula lately, but lord howdy!

Is it exposing young children (7+ age range for babydoll) to something they should learn a little later. I can’t say, I am not a child psychologist. I was exceptionally careful what was said or done around pixie for most of her life, even though now we have a very honest relationship that stems from a solid communication foundation. Yes we had the sex talk, yes I was nervous it was awkward and I hated it. Taking the time to research how best to have that conversation and start the topics of such things as peer pressure, bullying, sex, drugs has led us to a point she tells me more than most young adults her age tell their parents. It doesn’t always immediately come out, she’s a teenager of course she has trepidation at times. That said, when we sit with a cup of hot tea watch a movie and have mom and kids nights, the dirt usually poureth.

So are little kids learning about boobs? Yes. Boobs while fun bags for big kids are in their natural design meant to nourish and provide food for our offspring. I know guys, you want to believe they were made expressively for your entertainment (good for you) we will let you have that little nugget. So is that truth something too much in the brain space of a child to comprehend?

My take – again not a professional but gees. Kids are innocent and until we teach them boobs are fun bags not feeding tubes, they think they are doing what mommy’s do, feeding their babies. My bigger question is why are we so afraid of sex boobs and the natural beautiful nature of child-bearing here in the US ? I wont turn this into a political soap box but it never ceases to amaze me how we have one side proclaiming the virtues of life, marriage and raising healthy strong intelligent children the other side who is and then when the two clash the innocence of something so natural is torn apart.

I say boobs are ok. What are your thoughts?


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