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Storyboard for the new living room

I actually spent some time and put together a storyboard for the new living room. So according to every DIY blog and TV design on a dime show, it all starts with an inspiration shot and moves through progress to concept and completion. Part of me doing this is to tackle the DIY and see how much I can save in redoing this room.

So the architecture:

Walls – Paint creme color to keep light and airy (Already a white but would prefer a softer cream)
Sofas – Chocolate – OWN
Rug – Found this one at West Elm – super pretty and geometric for texture. My DIY says – woven solid stenciled with fabric paint and heat seat. Cost = far less than ordering online.
Lamps – OWN – found a turquoise blue one at Big Lots for $3 and its beautiful.
BigDamBird – My theory – find the Raven 101 plate get it blown up to monstrous size and then buy a blank frame from a craft store. Paint it lemon myself because they charge a ton – voila CHEAP.
Lamp Shade – DIY – take the shade I have apart use it as a template for a new piece of fabric. Either buy a remnant from craft store or embroider via hoop and frame to get the shape and color I want.
Console – Hello Craigslist and updated atomic era furniture.
Accent Pillows – Deconstructed Pillows – I can so make these I even already know how! Embroidered Peace Dove pillow – again inspiration from West Elm but I can so make this too.

What do you think? Am I crazy ambitious on this or will it actually get pulled off !


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