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The Man I have always loved…

Yes I know he’s older, and I know I would tower over him in six-inch heels, but really his personality is strong enough to make up for that. Here is a little secret, Batman (the movies) come out on my birthday. Their drop dates to scroll – always June 20th. I consider it a gift from Mr. Keaton and Mr. Burton themselves. No I really do.  Most of my credentials for work, whether my client meeting room or URLs for training are somehow Keaton-Burton-Batman related. The very first Batman movie came out in Tucson on June 20th 1989. My BFF Sarah was working at the movie theater attached to the mall. The name escapes me and I know the mall hasn’t existed for many years (possibly even before I left). Perks were Midnight Screenings of all new releases. Knowing my love for comics, and the bat himself, Sarah for my birthday took me to the midnight showing. We were so excited when driving out of the parking lot later, we hit a patch of water hydroplaned through two lanes (it was empty) and spun like donuts in the KrispyKreme drying racks. I think I might have peed myself too. Perhaps.

” He doesn’t have superpowers, He is a hero of intuition and inventiveness and discipline…” on Bruce Wayne. My sentiments exactly Mr. Keaton. The LA Times has an amazing article I think you should all read and do some Hero Worship on  your own. Just not too much ok? I call dibs.


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