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Weekend Baby Colors

I love my weekends. Maybe more so now that I am gone most of the week out of the house for work.

I have about 10 WIPs in process now for the babies that have been born this year. I am not a procrastination queen, I promise. Each time I sat to finish a major project for one little person, be it Zoe, Micah, Baby to be born, Baby not here yet, Baby almost here, or baby just announced 4 weeks ago, life gave me about an hour to do a few rows. That’s it. One hour. Knitting takes longer than crochet, but even crochet can take time especially knocking out that first row.

The weather changed after Labor Day, here in Atlanta. The gut wrenching melt your face off humidity has slowly leaked out of the city like a deflating tire and in its place cool nightly breezes. The kind where you can leave the windows open and feel awesome while you sleep. Now is the time I pound out yarn made goodies. I can focus on my stitches and not feel muggy repression from the weather of summer in the south-east.

I found this great app too for Android phones which I suspect will be popping up a great deal in my blogging. Sorry but I do get all geeky when it comes to flashing yarn pron.

I am NOT saying who the colors above are for. Sorry I refuse to let any of you mommies know who is getting what.. Yo !

For my yarny friends I will link you up to a free pattern you might want to try if you are in the market for a super great Baby Gift


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