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Recipes from Last Night – Chicken Peach Quesadillas

Photo Courtesy of Cooking Light


  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 cup reduced-fat sour cream
  • 4 (8-inch) flour tortillas
  • 3/4 cup (3 ounces) shredded Monterey Jack cheese with jalapeño peppers
  • 1 cup chopped skinless, boneless rotisserie chicken breast
  • 1 cup thinly sliced peeled firm ripe peaches
  • 4 teaspoons chopped fresh cilantro
  • Cooking spray


  • 1. Combine honey and lime juice in a small bowl, stirring well with a whisk. Stir sour cream into honey mixture; cover and chill until ready to serve.
  • 2. Place tortillas flat on a work surface. Sprinkle 3 tablespoons cheese over half of each tortilla; top each tortilla with 1/4 cup chicken, 1/4 cup peaches, and 1 teaspoon cilantro. Fold tortillas in half.
  • 3. Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Coat pan with cooking spray. Place 2 quesadillas in the pan, and top quesadillas with a cast-iron or other heavy skillet. Cook 1 1/2 minutes on each side or until tortillas are crisp and lightly browned (leave cast-iron skillet on quesadillas as they cook). Remove quesadillas from pan; set aside, and keep warm. Repeat procedure with the remaining quesadillas. Cut each quesadilla into wedges. Serve with sauce.

My Modifications:

I sprinkled half of the Cilantro in the honey and lime before adding the sour cream. Then I set that in the fridge while I did dishes (about 20 minutes). When I was ready to start the Quesas I whisked in the sour cream and placed back in the fridge as instructed. I did not pan fry the quesas but instead opted to bake them at 400 degrees for a few minutes (until the cheese bubbles and the tops turn a lovely golden tortilla brown). I find this makes them crispier and removes that icky feeling I get when  fry something.I also notoriously burn everything when frying it, so baking is a much better approach for me (haha).

TIP: I bought a chicken from the bakery the other night when grocery shopping. If you do whole chickens in the crock pot to cook and store, the meat is very succulent and you can add things like peppers cilantro and tomato to give a stewed southwest flavor. Either method cuts back on you standing in the kitchen baking chicken for this dish so prep time is just minutes.

Fast super delicious. Summery flavor but we found it to be warm and savory for last nights Quick Fix Meal! Because I posted this on Tuesday I will share it with the talk team!


7 thoughts on “Recipes from Last Night – Chicken Peach Quesadillas

    1. Thanks for sharing this with the “talk team”, it looks beyond delicious! Now I’ll expect a wonderful recipe every week!

      Thanks for sharing and including our button!

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