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Nerdcore Mc Lars smooth

Mc Lars - photo courtesy of Stunt - click for You Tube Video

What on earth did you just say?

Nerdcore is the most amazing thing my ears have played with since the Beastie Boys. By nature I am more of an indie – folk – strong female – and obvious rockabilly led  – old school punk genre music lover. While eclectic, I love the classical opera and melodic paino concertos as much as Wanda Jackson, Rap is not something that would naturally fall into my lap. My friend Shane shared the above with me sometime back. At the same time Pixie was really digging Mc Chris. A departure for her too, so really new music for us both.

Ok this stuff is seriously fabulous. Intelligent, fun, really silly, not overly political AT ALL and deeply funky! There were songs about literature video games and popcorn. The show was at a small venue here in Atlanta last night. Very intimate not over crowded (although the show sold out immediately) and super comfortable despite the fact my spine is still throbbing from the bass. 

If you cant listen to Rap because its too much, I do understand. But if you like some hard (almost old school punk styled) music to jam to or want an amazing show to catch for a wild night out, look for these guys near you.

Highlight Reel:

The bar was called The Drunken Unicorn – so you know there was to be magic
Ben Stiller was spotted. I am not sure if he made the show but he was outside.
The bar above is a Cougar Gay Den. I have no idea what that means but I found some new places to shop for undies and crazy clothes.
Those guys rubbed against me it was almost naughty. What was underneath was just as cute. I surprised to see hot nerds.

I was literally in front. Granted small venue but this was in my face .. well more specifically his lower abdomen. It was a nice view.

I got to see a friend I haven’t seen in way too long.

And his wonderful beautiful wife who is just the bees knees and my favorite person ever.

Then my friends there was this… we couldn’t stop laughing sorry for the picture quality. I dig this kid. We talked for a wee bit. I developed mild girl crush despite it being 2am and had to grab some of those abs. There was much touchy feely and hugging. What a sweet and wonderful person to put up with my smooching. I consider this my “caught in the act” photo. As there was mild tickling prior. Hey I am not saying I didn’t encourage it. Cause I really did, but every girl has to have her nerd moment right?


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